Friday, March 16, 2012

My aching feet!!!

This month, my ankles and feet have been really bothering me. My husband asked me what it feels like and why inflammation hurts so bad. Here is what I sent him. It is the only thing that comes close to how they feel right now.

Think he understands now? One would think so but then he asked me if I would go downstairs and do his work laundry. UGH.

So now that everyone knows how I have been feeling I need advice from you fellow Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease mates out there in what types of shoes you find most comfortable! Please do not tell me to go to one of those really expensive places either!! :) Budget friendly! I am on my feet 9+ hours a day at work and on concrete floor. Needless to say it does not help my pain! I have to wear a size bigger than I used to as my feet swell and I cannot seem to find something that will help somewhat!! IDEAS?


  1. REI has awesome insoles called superfeet. They've really helped me. About $40 or so, but really good. Also, when you are home, swelling gets cut down if you have that specific area up, preferably above the heart. So grab some extra pillows and hog that couch girl!

  2. I'm so sorry about your feet! I have trouble with mine, too, and it was VERY hard to find shoes that really help me. I can't imagine having to stand on hard concrete floors all day with RA in your feet. I was only diagnosed 7 months ago, but my pain is predominantly in my feet, so I've been searching for good shoes this whole time. The ones that have worked for me range from $$$ to $, and vary in style. To stay on a friendly budget, I just google the ones I want to try and buy them for the lowest price I can get. has a closeout page (love their shoes) for way less than Zappos or Amazon prices. Clarks and Crocs have also helped me a ton. Danskos are $$$, but completely worth it. Also, there is a GREAT blog written by a woman with terrible foot pain. She researches everything: Good luck!

  3. Crocs are very comfortable, very light and not terribly expensive. Sometimes it's worth saving up and spending more for a pair of good shoes, though. Well-made, comfortable shoes last a long time.

    Wishing you the best of luck finding something that helps. I'm so sorry your husband didn't seem to understand the reality of your foot pain, even when you showed him that graphic (and incredibly perfect) depiction of it. Hmmm. Maybe you should demonstrate??


  4. your picture is the perfect descriptor of the foot/ankle pain of RA! Thanks for bringing a grin to my face with it-
    as far as shoe recomendations- after 3 years of diagnosed RA, my feet have gotten progressively worse, and my job is 10-12hours of on your feet activity-
    the only shoe I can tolerate now is crocs- the winter fleece lined style is my favorite- I simply have to have an enormous toe box to avoid pain-I've tried everything, and I mean everything to find comfortable shoes- so while they aren't attractive, or stylish, it does keep me walking:) I've got easily 40 pairs of brand new shoes from Clarks, New Balance,Born, Dansko, Mephisto,Naot- Just need to find a good home for them as I have recently given up on ever wearing them again!