Friday, July 5, 2013

The sky is blue!

As this summer races by I find myself looking for more experiences to give my boys within the limitations I can handle. I feel like I have done a good job so far. Earlier this summer we visited grandpa in Chicago. Loaded with pills including prednisone, pain pills, and more, we set off to explore the city. Man it was great, I pushed myself really hard and did it. I was dying by time evening came, laid in bed unable to move, but it was worth it. 

I find that even if it is painful to move it helps my mental health to do things. To push myself to get over the fatigue and just go. It sometimes takes some serious pep talks to myself! :) it might sound silly but I find my self inspiring. Maybe only to me but I feel like I am getting a handle on RA. That itself wants me to jump for joy. I have been in a fog and see it clearing. I am hoping it stays. 
While I still struggle with the pain and fatigue I can see a change in my mind. It's not so blue. Along with my depression easing some I have been eating healthy (as I should with diabetes) and the weight is starting to shed and my liver counts are down. Finally I can try methotrexate along with my infusions. Maybe this is the boost I need to start feeling less pain  and making it easier to get around. That is exciting! Any advice from those experienced with methotrexate?? I am nervous but hopeful. 

This post is sort of all over but I just wanted to jot things down and get it out! 

Today, the sky is blue and I plan to enjoy it. I hope you do to! Even for a walk, or just to sit, it does wonders for your mood and good for your body!