Wednesday, June 11, 2014

As I lay here

As I lay here in bed at 4 pm due to pain I reflect. Afternoon thunderstorms used to be my favorite. I loved the sound of thunder, the smell of rain and the calmness it brings. Now, those storms bring pain and frustration. The day can be going well but as the weather shift so does my fatigue and pain. I end up in bed. Praying for relief, for healing and peace. 
As I lay here in bed, my 4 year old is rejoicing. He has his stool out and has been trying to get things in the desk that he cannot reach, nor will I let him. I tell him no and I get his devilish grin. He stops, takes his stool to the bookshelves, also in my room gives me the grin and says "don't look mom, close your eyes and rest" I pretend to and see him once again going for something he doesn't need. As I lay here catching him I think about what he is feeling. The freedom he probably feels and pride when he reaches that big bottle of lotion. I watch him take it down without scolding and ask that he puts that lotion on my legs. He was more than happy to. 

Do, as I lay here in pain, with the storms raging, there is sunshine. He is 4. 


  1. Hello, I have RA, lived with it now for 40 years. My life is still filled with busy activities and joy. Come visit my blog and stay hopeful and happy.Eileen