Thursday, August 28, 2014

No part goes unnoticed

It's dark today. That last week before infusion tends to be. I always took for granted my body. It was just there right? Since developing RA I now appreciate each and every part. It seems that RA hits all parts so I must acknowledge them. Each joint makes itself known.

Somedays, it's my ankles, or wrists and somedays it is my pinkie toe.  Yes my little pinkie toe and it is always my hands.  Somedays it is every joint in my body and I feel it all. Some days I don't want to get up. I have to. Today I have some weird ones. This flare up keeps changing. Frustrating! The other new part if my body I discovered is the bottoms of my feet. I described it as the pads on my feet. Just below the toes it swelled up and feels like I am walking on just the pads. Totally painful, totally weird. I find myself balancing on the outside edge which then hurts my ankles. Lol. Like I said weird. My infusion tends to last almost three weeks. Then the flare up hits and I am down. 
My boys have figured out which days are the worst for me. They know when they can take advantage. Even my four year old knows. I can't blame them. I would of done the same thing when I was a kid! They gain up on me. Stinkers. However, when help is needed. My four year old is quite proud to be my official bottled water opener. His face is amazing. My 11 year old lives to cook dinner. Simple ones but that last week before my infusion it is a godsend. I am blessed. Between naughtiness and sweetness they might not understand the pain I am in but they try. 
It would be nice if there was a class geared to kids or something to tell them more. I try. However, coming from someone else might be better :) 

I know everyone preaches to stay positive and I try but sometimes you just have to be real. Sometimes you have to just rant! Thanks for listening! 


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