Friday, August 8, 2014

Xeljanz Fail

I know I wasn't the only one that was really hoping that the new drug for RA was the miracle cure we were waiting for.  Since it is in pill form it also is soooo much easier and less painful! No more infusions and injections! Yay! 

I wish it went that well. I hope that for some it is. It was not my miracle. After 4 month on the medicine I opted out. I prayed and prayed that my pain and inflammation would decrease using it but it did not. 
I hate my body. It is such a traitor. It only got worse and I am back on the dreaded prednisone and infusions. I wait for the remicade to get in my system and hope it comes fast. I am even desperate enough to imagine it spreading through my body and being absorbed. Hey anything can help right? It might not work great but at least on the infusions I can go to sleep at night without crying. I am tired of being such a B. Yes a capital B at that. I know it, I try to stop it but I will be the not be the first one to tell you that chronic pain makes you cranky. So as I lay here imagining my meds are easing the inflammation and trying to calm myself I realize I still have hope for that miracle cure. So all you brainiacs out there keep working hard. We appreciate you and are hoping you are successful! 

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