Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some Tips...

Just a quick note as my kids are all over me this morning. I was looking back at  my posts and was surprised to see that the most viewed post is the Quest for Shampoo. This shows me that many many with RA are struggling also finding products that are easier to use! I am new to the auto-immune world and am learning day by day. Here are a few tips I have found to make my life easier! Please add! Let's get a list going!! :) We learn from eachother!

1. Ask the butcher at the meat counter to cut your meat when you purchase if you need it cut, chopped etc...

2. The big fat pump shampoo and conditioner bottles work best as you do not have to lift them! Pantene, Bed Head, Paul Mitchell have them.

3. Split your prednisone dose (ask your doctor first!!!!) My rheum told me to and at first I was against as I tended to take it too late and be in pain earlier but if you are adament on taking it at a certain time I last longer and evenings are easier if I have the 2nd half in the afternoon.

4. Rest (Of Course) Even 10 minutes of doing nothing helps me.

5. As a mom, my purse weighs a ton along with a diaper bag.  It tolls on my arm joints and is painful. I have resorted to a backpack for it all.  I might look silly but it causes me a lot less pain! I got mine at Dick Sports and it is Eagles Crest. It is one of the ones that is made for day hiking. It is small and has straps for the front if needed which takes more weight off the back. It also has good padding on the shoulders. The nice thing is my 9 year old can carry it also if I get hot or tired from carrying it.

6.  Tennis Shoes. A good pair. Basically this is all I am currently wearing. Yes I miss other shoes but tennis shoes seem to help my feet, ankles and knees. I like any of the Nike Cross Training ones.

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