Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Today's Steps

Today, I accomplished things. Today, I feel better about myself. Today, I felt like the old me for a bit. Today, I did not think about how I would feel later. Today, I took over. Today, I might not feel perfect but I made baby steps. 

I decided to live for today. I got a decent night sleep last night  and decided today to try to act like nothing was enabling me from doing things. I took my son to lunch. I volunteered at his school for 2 hours, went to the library and ran some errands. I might be exhausted now but it was worth it today. I felt good. Not physically but mentally and that means there is still sunshine! Baby steps are something! I did not feel like breaking down. Today, I felt normal. Who knows, maybe I can keep it up! The hardest part is putting it in the back of the mind and leaving it there.

 You only have one life to live and I have to give it my everything. 


  1. It isn't always easy is it? But living in the moment, especially in the good ones, does make things easier.

  2. I am a 45 year old male. I was diagnosed with R.A. about 6 years ago. This disease has changed my life. When it started, I knew little of what to expect and how this disease would progress. I started reading about it but since the symptoms, etc. didn't match my condition at that time, I relaxed and had a false sense of relief. I assumed it must be a mild form and that I will be fine.

    However my body started to feel the full power of R.A. after about a year and I started consuming a cocktail of allopathic medication. My body started to crumble - pain, inflammation in all possible joints, lack of strength, mental fatigue, confusion about the future and a total surrender to the disease. I also lost a successful business and that hurt me mentally and financially.

    The allopathic medication proved to be of little help and was almost (I was able to move with great difficulty) bedridden for about 18 months.

    This is when I decided to fight. I had to. The doctors were not able to give me a satisfactory recovery plan. I decided to try alternate routes to recovery. First with Ayurveda and then with Homeopathy. This new combination helped me. My body started to respond and this fuelled my quest for more alternate medical therapies.

    Today I use combination of Ayurvedic & Homeopathic medicines, I do Accunpucture, Yoga & Urine Therapy besides exercises to strengthen my body. It's been more than a year since I stopped allopatic medication and now depend solely on natural remedies. Besides natural medicines, I also stick to diet that's suitable to my body.

    My ESR (sedimentation rate) which was 130 has come down to 30 & CRP which was 80 is now 11 in about a years time.

    I believe that our body is capable of healing itself but sometimes we just have to provide the right stimulus for healing. If the stimulus is nature based (non chemical) the impact maybe slow but definitely long lasting and without any side effects.

    I have benefited from natural remedies and hope this information is useful to people with problems similar to mine. Also if anyone does benefit, please pay it forward and educate others.